Cantre'r Gwaelod

I love writing. No, scratch that. I love having written. The actual process of writing is one I try very hard to avoid. When I have someething I have to write, I circle around it, like a bunch of red kites hovering while the chappie at Nant-y-Arian throws out their food. (Yes, I know, it's a niche thing. You'd have to know that (a) Nant-y-Arian is not far from Aberystwyth, on the west coast of Wales, and (b) a red kite is a large raptor that has been recently re-introduced.)

However, write I must. I am currently working on a novel named "Mrs. Epstein and the Quarter-Day Ghost", while valiently resisting the temptation to tinker with my previously half-written effort, "Something Rich and Strange". Also, I am taking a creative writing class at the Arts Centre in Aber, taught by Irish poet and playwright Damien Gorman.

I probably won't share chunks of my novel here, but I will share (horrible word), the bits and pieces that Damien has us write every thursday evening. Including things we write for homework. At the end of each term, we write full-length short stories. I love having written them, but oh the cups of coffee and the completely unnecessary tasks I get on with before sitting down and writing!

So, this collection of bits and pieces. It goes without saying that it is all © Eunice Probert 2017-2020. None of it is intended for publication, though the short pieces might be eventually worked on until they become fully-fledged stories. I hope you enjoy my scribblings.